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ELLE Remodeling can help with any home renovation project!

Basements: A basement remodeling project is a terrific way to take an existing unused space and make it your favorite room in the house! We can convert your unfinished basement into an extra bedroom, a children's play area, a home theater, home office and more. We can install a custom built media center, bar and storage units to fit the size of your room. By installing a bathroom, heating, air conditioning and waterproofing system, the newly finished space will turn your basement from an avoided dark area to a bright and cheerful room.

Refinish Hardwood Floors: Put new life into your old worn floors by refinishing them and preserving them longer. We can change the color of your floors by sanding them to their original wood color or staining them to match your color scheme.

Painting: There is no easier or more cost effective way to make the inside of a home look new than a fresh coat of paint. Paint also provides the ability to change the overall theme of a room and can usually be done quickly.
As for paint colors, the possibilities are endless! In addition to the thousands of color palettes available, we can match paint to anything you want. This kind of flexibility allows you to decorate a room anyway you like. It also allows for a greater selection in flooring and furniture since no matter what your decor, the room can be painted to match.

Decorative Moldings: A great way to enhance any room in your home is to add molding to your ceilings or walls. To turn ordinary walls into conversation pieces, ELLE Remodeling can help you mount crown molding along the top of your walls or put up an intricate chair rail to give your living-room wall architectural design. We can install sharp, clean lines of exquisite panel molding on walls to give your room a dramatic frame. Whatever types of molding you desire, they are sure to transform your space for the better. Moldings give added charm, elegance and character to your room.

Lighting: Lighting truly is the foundation for the overall mood of any area in your home. The kind of light you use in each room can make a big difference. ELLE Remodeling can install recessed lighting or different lighting fixtures to add depth and height, enliven color, and accentuate texture in a room.

Closet Installations: with our creative and user-friendly closet designs we can increase functional space in your existing or newly installed closet. If you are looking to stay more organized, this may be a good place to start!

Tiling: Tiling is an inexpensive way to enhance your entrance way, kitchen or bathroom. We can help you select tiles that will fit within your budget and can complete such a project quickly and efficiently.

Decks: A deck is a wonderful addition to a home! It adds more square footage onto the house and provides an ideal setting to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air of the outdoors. At ELLE Remodeling we will create your custom outdoor living space for less. Contact us today to receive excellent craftsmanship at affordable prices.